• Rat snakes hibernate on rocky, south-facing slopesRead More
  • Rat snakes are good climbersRead More
  • Females lay up to 30 eggs in a clutchRead More
  • Their lifespan in the wild is up to 15 years, males living a little longer than femalesRead More
  • Farmers like rat snakesRead More
  • Male rat snakes perform something called a combat danceRead More
  • Rat snakes sometimes freeze when threatened, and many are killed in trafficRead More
  • Rat snakes will vibrate their tails when they are agitated.Read More
  • Rat snakes are often used as petsRead More
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Rat Snake Pictures and Videos

By Anders Nielsen, Ph.d.

A black rat snake eating a rabbit.

In this video a cat bird is trying to prevent a black rat snake from finding her nest.

A rat snake eating the tail of a rabbit.

As there are many different types of rat snakes the pictures presented here are just a sample of pictures of some of the most common types of rat snakes.

Black Rat Snake

A black rat snake ready to enter a home

Texas rat snake

A Texas rat snake moving

Everglades rat snake

An Everglades rat snake

Corn snake

A corn snake in the wilderness

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